Ways in which dogs improve our health

From just getting you up and moving to improving heart health; there are countless proven health benefits to having your loveable mutts in your life. Okay – we know we’re biased – being a doggy day care and dog walking service and all. But just take a look at our top picks of the unexpected ways dogs can improve your health. 

We aim to give the same love we receive from the dogs
  1. Heart health

Believe it or not, multiple studies have found a proven link between dog ownership and improved heart health in the owner. We know intuitively in our gut that walking the dogs in London is better for us than not. Being in the company of your four-legged-friend has been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce blood pressure and even decrease the risk of a heart attack. We’ll take 7 goldendoodles, please!

2. General good feelies

In the current social climate, we now consider mental health as an essential part of health and wellbeing in general. The calming effect of dogs on their humans does wonders for mental health – assisting in handling stress and anxiety. Petting your dog helps your body release a relaxation hormone while cutting down on the level of stress hormone present. Maybe that’s why as part of our day care we cannot stop cuddling our dogs to the max.

How can you resist a face like that?

3. Unconditional love

Unlike a lot of humans (and cats!), dogs will love you unconditionally no matter what. They’ll be waiting, tail wagging, at the front door any time you come home, helping lift your mood instantly. Dogs are highly intuitive, so if there’s something up with your mood one day, they’ll know. And they will be there to comfort you. Sometimes, a little bit of love is all we need.

4. More real-world interactions

Spent one too many hours scrolling Instagram? Forgotten what it feels like to be out in the real world, interacting with strangers in (dog-friendly) coffee shops? Miss the feeling of an invigorating coastal breeze on your face? Dogs LOVE walkies. They need them. Which means you’ll get out walking a lot more too. Fresh air and more steps taken = improved health.

5. Taking ownership

Dogs can teach us a real lesson about taking ownership for our own lives and rediscovering that zest for life you thought you lost a long time ago. There have been a few new initiatives recently where prisoners are given the opportunity to train shelter dogs. It goes without saying that the prisoners took as much away from the new friendships as the dogs did. The feeling of being loved and trusted by a dog can help you find a way to believe in your personal worth a bit more. Quite literally, a dog can just give you a reason to get up in the morning.

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