Adventure Days

Adventure Days

True freedom in diverse destination

Give your dog the best dog adventures, we explore what nature really has to offer. We understand what a gift it is to have our dogs. Knowing that they are having a great day makes it all worthwhile. We prioritise fun, skill building, the best exercise & plenty of adventure, all in a safe and controlled environment. When your Wild pup is accepted into our pack, they join a true canine community. Our price includes initial meet and greet, transport, treat hunt & training practice. All places have been visited several times by Delia to ensure that it is suitable for our packs.

Woodland wonders

A full day out where we explore what the woods have to offer. Fun packed and full of areas to explore. Whether running full pelt in a pack, rustling through leaves for treats or playing hide and seek, the day has everything your dog needs to stimulate and tire out your dog.

Surrey sights

We don’t stray too far from London to get the best wild areas our dogs could dream of. The sniffing opportunities are unimaginable! We do love the saying “variety is the spice of life” and this adventure day is really, all about that. Running up hills, skipping over logs and rolling in mud always does the trick.

City charms

Yes, the city has a lot to offer for humans but did you know it has lots to offer for dogs too?! We have dug out some cool spots where we can go exploring safely yet be exposed to areas we may not have been used to previously. No matter the age, it’s always good for dogs to keep learning new things so the “city charms” day aims to entertain, socialise and train your dog.

Beach bonanza

We have definitely saved the best to last because this has to be the overall doggy favourite. Frolicking in the sand? Paddling in water? Non-stop digging? Dogs are all about simple pleasures and we make sure we give them that by the bucket! Not only that but we go a step above and offer a beach picnic with the typical fish and chips at the ready. Not to forget a little nap time in our doggy cabin with the calming sounds of the sea. Is this just the perfect day or what?