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Our goal is to make your furry friend feel right at home! Whether you’re off to work or running errands, relax knowing your dog is living their best life at one of the top dog boarding kennels near you.

Why Choose Our Dog Boarding in London?

At our premium dog boarding in London, we roll out the red carpet for your pup, with a maximum of two dogs boarded overnight. During our initial consultation, we’ll chat about your dog’s quirks and personalities to ensure they’ll become best buds.

Whatever adventure takes you away from home, we know it’s hard to leave your pooch behind. That’s why our dog boarding kennels are all about maintaining their favorite routines and comforts. Top Doggy Day Care is always here to provide a cozy, fun, and love-filled home away from home for your pet.

We can take care of your pet at your home or at our walker’s dog-friendly residence.

Professional, trustworthy walkers who will continue your pet’s training.

Enjoy peace of mind with WhatsApp updates on your dog’s location.

Your dog will come home happy and tired after two one-hour walks each day.

More About Our Dog Boarding Kennel

1 We provide a detailed doggy profile for you to complete and schedule our initial consultation.

2 We will match them with a dog walker near you in the South West London Area and we let you know where they will be. All our walkers homes are reviewed and our walkers go through our rigorous interview and training process.

3 We will pick up your doggy with all their belongings. We send you updates throughout their stay with us on the WhatsApp group we set up. We always have someone on hand in case of emergencies.

4 At the end of their stay, we come drop off your pooch. We will send you a summary of their time with us, regarding behaviour, health or fun they have had!

Some Benefits of Dog Boardings

Pampering and Supervision:

  • Pro Care with a Dash of Love: Our walkers are trained to know exactly how to cater to your dog’s needs, from feeding to belly rubs. 
  • Round-the-Clock Attention: Your pup gets 24/7 supervision, ensuring they’re never alone and always safe. It’s like having a sleepover with a bunch of new friends, but with constant care and cuddles!

Social Butterfly Paradise:

  • Social Time: Dogs are social creatures, and boarding facilities are perfect for them to meet and play with other furry pals. They’ll make friends, play games, and even learn a few new tricks. 
  • Building Confidence: Your dog gets to practice social skills and build confidence in interacting with others. Like a fun summer camp where they come back with stories and new buddies!

Routine and Comfort:

  • Consistency is Key: Dogs thrive on routine, and boarding facilities provide just that. With regular feeding times, play sessions, and naps, your pup will feel right at home.
  • Less Stress, More Fun: Sticking to a routine helps reduce stress and keeps your dog calm and happy. So, while you’re out and about, they’re having a blast and feeling secure.

Safe and Sound:

  • Secure Playground: Dog boarding services are made to be super safe with secure fencing and climate-controlled areas. Your pooch can romp and roll without any worries.
  • Emergency Ready: If anything happens, our walkers are ready to handle it. Whether it’s a small scrape or something more serious, your dog is in safe hands, giving you peace of mind.

Stress-Free for You:

  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy your time away knowing your dog is having their own little vacation. You’ll come back to a happy, relaxed, and well-cared-for pup.

Where We Operate

We proudly offer dog boarding services in London, U.K. including:

– Battersea
– Wandsworth
– Clapham Junction
– Clapham
– Fulham
– Balham
– Brixton

Is your area not listed? Please get in touch anyway, we can help!


In the walkers’ home , which has been personally vetted by Delia to ensure the safety of the dogs. Most walkers have a garden also.

We aim to only have two dogs stay overnight at one home. They may spend more time with other dogs during the day.

The usual fuss we make of the dogs, two walks a day, play time and any update on training.

We offer a pet taxi service, provided you are within an hour of our locations in South West London.

In the walkers’ home, a safe and secure space with a garden. We vet the home ourselves to ensure that it is absolutely safe for the dogs in our care.

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