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Welcome to Top Doggy Day Care! Whether it’s puppy playtime or doggy day care, we’ve got your doggie’s tail wagging. Our expert, insured, and CRB-checked team love every pooch like their own. 

Why Choose Our Dog Day Care?

At our Doggy Day Care, we’re all about creating bark-tastic experiences that are as unique as your pooch! We offer personalized services to make each doggy’s day a blast. When you pick us, you’re not just choosing a day care; you’re joining a family that will always prioritize your pup’s safety and well-being.

Relax and enjoy your day, knowing your pet is in a fun, safe, and loving environment where every moment is an adventure! All of our spots are dog-friendly ensuring your doggy has a paw-some time. For the best dog sitter in London, we’re here to ensure your pet has a barking good time!

We can care for your pooch at your home or at our walker’s dog-friendly residence. All services include a free initial consultation.

Our professional and trustworthy walkers will reinforce your training, using the same commands you’ve taught.

Enjoy peace of mind with WhatsApp updates on your dog’s location, along with plenty of photos and videos.

Lots of opportunities for play, sniffing and stimulation. Dogs come home tired and at peace.

Booking is made through our app, detailed dog profile is filled in with emergency information. 

Fully insured.

We ensure your house keys are securely kept. We do not keep any personal information. 

Customized service, with a maximum of 4 dogs per walker.

More About Our Doggy Day Care in London

1 We will match your dog with our most suitable dog walker near you in the South West London Area. All our walkers are carefully chosen and go through a tough interview process.

2 Our walker can come and collect your dog (by foot) or personal car in the morning, at a time that suits you. Care is between 7-8 hours.

3 Your doggy will then be taken for an hour-long walk in a local park with no more than four dogs per carer.

4 Your pooch will then spend the day in our walker’s dog-friendly home for some rest time, cuddles, and food, if required.

5 Time for afternoon walkies, where your doggie gets to have another run around for an hour. Our dog day care services include plenty of outdoor activities.

6 We will walk your dog back home at a time that suits you, so that you can come home to a tired, happy dog!


Our pricing is flexible. When booking in advance monthly we can offer different pricing. 

Please get in touch for a quote. 

Here’s what it might look like…




All benefits included.
Extra time if needed. 



All benefits included.
Billed monthly.



All benefits included.
Billed monthly.



All benefits included.
Billed monthly.



All benefits included.
Billed monthly.


Our day care is around 7 hours care including pickup and dropoff.

We love to vary our walks during day care, especially as we have the advantage of driving, we go as far as Surrey sometimes for the walks. They also spend time at the walkers’ home where they have a garden.

They get spoiled of course ! As well as play with their buddies, explore new places, play fetch, get cuddles, go sniffing to find treats and paddle. We also encourage our dogs to have a little afternoon nap to decompress which is very good for their health.

We always include an initial meet and greet as part of our service after which if you like us we can book the service you prefer.

Our Whatsapp group is where we post pictures and videos of their day, as well as on our Instagram.

That is a very important question. They will need to have: Parvovirus, Canine distemper, Leptospirosis, Adenovirus 1 and 2, Canine parainfluenza. Extra – Kennel cough, rabies

Walks and day care – maximum of 6 dogs, Boarding – maximum 4 dogs overnight.

For most of our services we require a 48 hours advance notice unless in the case of emergencies. For boarding we ask for 2 weeks notice.

Our day care consists of either one long walk or two walks in a pack of four to six dogs per walker.
We vary our walks to different parks as much as possible. Walkers use their own insured personal car with seat belts or keep it simple and use public transport. We make sure to take lots of snaps throughout the day which we send you on our Whatsapp group. Dogs will rest at the walkers’ home, play some more but also get well needed rest in. We like to make time for scent games or water games in the summer.

Our top priority commands are: come/here, sit, stay, leave/drop. Our favourites are: roll over & high five.

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